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Community Involvement

Within the context of enhancing LAU’s image in the community and to increase interaction between students and the professionals in the community, several speakers were hosted to present their expertise and the following table shows a sample of these speakers and lecture topics.

Date Speaker Organization Topic
18/1/2001 Michel Mufarrej Liban Trek Ecotourism from a business perspective
5/2001 Rajeh el Khoury Annahar newspaper Pollution in Lebanon from a political perspective
17/10/2001 Habib Maalouf As-Safir newspaper Environmental Issues in Lebanon
24/10/2001 Iffat Idriss Chatila Cedars for Care The Big Blue: Saving the Mediterranean Campaign
31/10/2001 Adnan Melki University of Balamand / GreenLine School Gardens: A New Reforestation Approach
1/2002 Paul Ariss La Reserve - Afqa Sustainable Ecotourism
1/2002 Dr. Antione Daher Environment Council - Qbayat Ecotourism in Akkar and rural Environmental activities
10/4/2002 Ramona Boulos Lebanese Council for Environment and Development Municipal Solid Waste Treatment
22/4/2002 Dr. Samira Korfali Lebanese American University Noise Pollution
8/5/2002 Zeina el-Hajj Green Peace The Right to Know Campaign: Environmental Awareness in Lebanon
20/5/2002 Dima Soueid Future Youth Association Saving the Sea Turtles
1/2003 Richard Storey A Rocha - Lebanon Ammiq Wetland
10/3/2003 Husam Chahine Green Peace Environmental Activism and Current Environmental Issues
18/3/2003 Ziad Abi Chaker Cedar Environmental Environmentally Friendly Applications for Solid Waste Management
5/2003 Clement Zakhia MADA - Aljord Ecotourism in Aljord project - Hermel
8/2003 Mutasem Zahra and Hisham Zantout MAPS Geosystems Remote Sensing as an Environmental Conservation Tool
18/12/2003 Mohammad el Sarji Sidoon Diving School Lebanese Marine Environment
20/12/2003 Wael Hmaidan Green Peace Environmental Awareness Campaigns
08/03/2004 Ziad Abi Chaker Cedar Environmental Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management and Accelerated Aerobic Decomposition
26/05/2004 Wissam Daw DAWTEC Energy from the Sun: Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heater Technology and its Applications in Lebanon
17/05/2004 Alia Kaskas Dandashly Ministry of Environment Dioxins and Furans Releases: Lebanon National inventory
28/05/2004 Alia Kaskas Dandashly Ministry of Environment Dioxin Sampling and Analysis
28/05/2004 Hamzi Moghrabi IBC Sustainable Development: Global and Local Applications
7/2004 Hafez Jreij Salt works in Anfeh and associated biodiversity significance
11/10/2004 Bassam Shakhashiri University of Wisconsin - Madison Science is Fun
10/11/2004 Ziad Abi Chaker Cedar Environmental Recent Advances in Solid Waste Management in Lebanon
24/8/05 Wael Hmaidan Green Peace Climate Change
19/10/05 Salim Roukoz Ministry of Agriculture National Forest and Tree Inventory Assessment in Lebanon
13/4/07 Monir Bou Ghanem Association for Forests Development and Conservation (AFDC) Forest Protection and Conservation
16/5/07 Adnan Melki Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Program
23/5/07 Ziad Abi Chaker Cedar Environmental Aerobic Decomposition of Solid Waste
1/6/07 Faisal Abu Ezzeddine Lebanese Mountain Trail Project The Lebanese Mountain Trail
28/6/07 Antoine Bekhaazi Lebanese Forum for the protection of Nature Adoption of Environmental Strategies
4/7/07 Mahmoud el- Ahmadieh Nature Without Frontiers Rural Environmental Advocacy and Solid Waste Separation
5/11/07 Soumar Dakdouk IndyAct Climate Change

In addition, within the context of the Environmental Science course, students were encouraged to volunteer for work with several organizations (13 total) such as

AFDC, Green Line, Green Peace, Cedars for Care, Chouf Cedar Reserve, Tyre Coast nature reserve, Mansouri Beach sea turtle reserve, Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development Society –Syria, Time 4 Sharing, Society for the protection of Nature SPNL, Beautifying Lebanon Association, Ministry of Agriculture, MORES Management of Resources and Environmental Solutions.

And they were able to visit a variety of places (15 places) and interact with people involved in environmental projects such as

Palm Islands reserve; Ehden Reserve; Ammiq wetland reserve; Chouf Cedar Reserve: Barouk, and Maaser al Chouf; Bentael Reserve; AFDC – Ras el Matn Camp; Al-Nour Organic Farm – Kfarmechki; Mansouri Beach Sea Turtle reserve; Qaroun lake and hydro dam project; Arsal Rural Development Association; LEFICO – Plastic Recycling plant; Terrestrial and Marine Life Museum; Anfeh salt works; Tree planting in Kfarhouneh

In addition, thousands of forest and fruit trees have been planted all over the Lebanese territories through a deliberate program in which each student planted 10 trees.

In addition, I have served as a member of the judging committee for the Science, Math and Technology fair held by the German school on Saturday April 8th, 2006.

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